Board Problems

The Corrupt Old Guard

  • COPMOBA Board leadership has been in charge for 20+ years
  • COPMOBA Board is unresponsive to members
  • Board has shown little effort or interest in recruiting members resulting in a member base of approximately 490 members for all of COPMOBA
  • With a tiny membership, the Board financially limits the efforts of the organization while maintaining an over-emphasis of power for the Board of Directors
  • When confronted about the lack of meetings, trail projects, effective communications, etc., the President and Executive Committee Members state that the Board already “has those aspirations and goals” while continuing to not deliver on them
  • UPDATE: The Board President stepped down and took the role of Secretary. John Howe, the former Chair of the Grand Valley Chapter is now the Board President. John has been with COPMOBA in a leadership role of more than a decade and is definitely part of the old guard. A lawyer in town, John’s firm advised the Board in the fabricated and spurious charges against the GVC Chair without ever making contact with the subject in question. Not surprisingly, John’s firm backed the COPMOBA lies. Just one example of many conflict of interest issues within COPMOBA’s board of directors.
  • UPDATE: Board Member Casey Sande has been active in addressing the lack of action, functionality, and effectiveness of COPMOBA. This is welcome, but unfortunately follows the pattern that the organization has been trapped in for years. A dedicated volunteer puts forth a huge effort, but the organization doesn’t institutionalize the effort so when the volunteer burns out, all that effort disappears.