Stand Up for Your Trails

COPMOBA has a 34 year, rich legacy of building and maintaining some of the most iconic trails in the World, but the organization has floundered under poor leadership, incompetence and corruption. This is especially true in the birthplace of the organization, the Grand Valley. COPMOBA leadership has been behaving more like the mafia and it is time to fix the problems.

UPDATE: COPMOBA is beginning to address some of the issues highlighted on this website, and by many in the community. Become a member and help STOP COPMAFIA!

Our Trails Deserve Better

The COPMOBA Board of Directors have shown themselves inept at properly running a non-profit trails organization. They have corrupted the efforts they are involved in, and have interfered with the efforts of the Grand Valley Canyons (GVC) Chapter. This interference has prevented the GVC from properly maintaining the trails in the Grand Valley, and prevented the Chapter from developing and managing a valid pipeline of new trail projects that reflect the expanding use in the Grand Valley.

The Problems

Here are the problems with COPMOBA and the leadership that are degrading the organization.

Board Problems

The Board of Directors of COPMOBA have failed to effectively manage the organization. Learn about theBoard issues

Systemic Problems

The structure of COPMOBA, its organizational documents, and how the organization is run are a big issue. Learn about the Systemic Problems

The Palisade Problem

COPMOBA’s handling of the Palisade Problem has serious conflict of interest problems and has created an ongoing issue for the organization. And now the safety issues have claimed their first fatality. Learn about the Palisade Problem

Take Action

Help fix the problems with COPMAFIA and turn it back into COPMOBA. Take action!